Why choose a bespoke kitchen?


At Roundhouse we make beautiful bespoke British kitchens, wardrobes and other furniture.

What we design is a space for living.


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Why choose a bespoke kitchen?

A Roundhouse bespoke kitchen is of the highest quality and is designed specifically to suit each individual. Henderson_002_LRThis means that by gaining a bigger picture of your lifestyle, our creative work can be specifically tailored to your space and requirements. Roundhouse designers are open, down-to-earth people who work closely with you (and with your architect or interior designer if you have one) to ensure the overall plan, and every specification and detail is spot-on. Unlike an ‘off the shelf’ version, to use a tailoring analogy, a bespoke kitchen is just like a bespoke suit and is absolutely cut to fit an individual size and shape, it’s custom-made to fit your lifestyle and should last a lifetime.

Our bespoke kitchens are hand made by skilled craftsmen in our own British factory, which means that we can be incredibly flexible and creative with our designs and we develop our own unique finishes that can’t be seen elsewhere. We can also offer an almost limitless choice of materials, colours, fittings and styles. Roundhouse bespoke kitchens are totally adaptable, so although we supply standard sized cabinetry, we can also make extra wide or extra shallow, for taller or shorter people we can do extra tall/short – almost any non–standard size.

We like to describe our bespoke kitchens as marrying a contemporary aesthetic with timeless elegance, and of course, a Roundhouse kitchen is  ‘Made in Britain, built to last.’Bryans002a